Load Test

Load Test services (LARS, Cranes, A-Frames and Lifting systems), and Test equipment rental (Load cell, Water Bags, Shackles).

Main Services

  • Underwater ROV Inspection

    Specialized Team and Equipment to the ROV Inspection Services.

  • Subsea Modeling

    Subsea Modeling, 3D Design and Visualization with the GRI Simulations Software IDEA-FDK (Interactive Design, Engineering and Analysis – Field Development Kit).

  • Mechanic/Hydraulic

    Hydraulic Cylinders repair, machining and kettle, light and heavy mechanics, pump repairs, hydraulic motors and thrusters.

  • NDT Inspection

    PT (Penetrant Test), MT (Magnetic Test), UT (Ultrasonic Test) and VT (Visual Test).

  • Spooling Operations

    Spooling Operations (Cable Transfer), and Cable Fault Locations using OTDR, TDR, Power Meter and Megometer.

  • Load Test

    Load Test Services (A-Frames, LARS, Winches, Cranes, Lifting Equipment).

Our Company

Founded in 2008 to provide solutions, services and training for the Oil & Gas Industry.

01. P u r p o s e

– Build a Company that we can be proud;
– Focused on Results and committed in to be the best as possible;
– Excellence is our target.

02. M i s s i o n

Provide Services and Training with excellence for the clients and partnerships.

03. V i s i o n

The Underwater Group Vision is to be the Reference for the clients, coworkers, community, suppliers and partnerships.

04. V a l u e s

– Integrity
– Open communications with costumer
– Partners and employees.

Underwater Group

Underwater Group is composed for three sections able to provide solutions to attended costumers necessities worldwide. The three divisions of the company are: ROV Services and Training, Naval Services and the new one Logistics.

A 100% Brazilian company, operating since 2008 providing ROV Pilot Technician Training and ROV Services. Nowadays is reference of Brazilian ROV Training, having Class A ROV Simulators (IMCA), in partnership with GRI Simulations (Canadian Company reference of Subsea Simulations).

Underwater Marine Services was conceived to provide services and solutions for the Naval sector, actuating in partnership with the Norway company NRS (Northern Research Shipping).

The newest company of the Underwater Group is Logistics, conceived to provide meanly internal demand. Specialized in fractioned loads and staff logistics, besides foreign trade.

Be Underwater Group Partnership!



Daily and weekly classes. Check out our courses and check out the classes.

Pilot Technician Grade II

Theoretical and Practical training including ROV hydraulic, electrical and electronic theory, Fiber optic theory and practical (Termination Hot-Melt 3M, Corning Unicam Crimp, OTDR, TDR), ROV pilot Practical at the GRI Class A Simulator.

Av. Gilberto Carvalho, Nº61, Inoã, Maricá - RJ

R$: 5.200,00

Offshore Practical

Offshore pilot practical with 12 hours of class I ROV piloting.

Av. Gilberto Carvalho, Nº61, Inoã, Maricá - RJ

R$: 1.250,00

Hydraulic Course

Advanced Mechanic /Hydraulic course focused ROV hydraulic system.

Av. Gilberto Carvalho, Nº61, Inoã, Maricá - RJ

R$: 1.850,00

Fiber Optic Course

The course is composed by theoretical about the advantages of using fiber optic at the ROV system, characteristics and practical of retention Hot-Melt 3M and Corning Unicam Crimp.

Av. Gilberto Carvalho, Nº61, Inoã, Maricá - RJ

R$: 1.250,00